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Thanks to the U.S. Constitution:

Your Right To Host Your STR Guests Is Still Fully Intact!

When your government makes new rules and regulations for your vacation rental, you MUST follow them. This is because you're using a legislative structure that is subject to the laws in your area.... but did you know there is structure that isn't subject to those laws? I would like to introduce you to the world of Private Membership Associations. These structures have been used for hundreds of years to bring our business structures out of the public domain and into the private domain where government regulations aren't impacting. I have much more to tell you on the subject so I have setup a live workshop to give you the knowledge and tools you need to operate your Short Term Rental business LEGALLY with the power and authority of the US Constitution that gives you protections to do so.  

-Ed Middlebrooks

What Will You Learn?

At the Hosting Rights online workshop, you will learn how and why governments make rules and regulations regarding your ability to run your short term rental. You will learn who is subject to these laws and how to structure your business to comply with them publicly while continuing to run your business.

Understanding Your Rights

What rights are afforded to you by the US Constitution and how can you stand on those rights to defend your ability to pursue happiness?

  • Everything you need is in place

  • Create organization for protection

  • Provide services in the private domain

  • Don't go around the law, use it!

    Law are written by public legislators to govern the health and well being of the general public. You have the right to do business in the private domain.  Use it!

  • Offer Hosting to Members Only

  • Grow your membership list publicly

  • Give access to properties as benefits

  • Restructuring for Growth

    How does having rights even matter these days and how can you use those rights to allow your business to thrive while others are shutdown?

  • A Private Membership Association

  • Stop operating in the public domain

  • Start operating in the private domain

  • Ready To Run Profitable Member to Member Offering?

    This is the time to finally learn the best strategies and tactics for creating a membership offering that is profitable. Thousands of people have achieved silimar results using our strategies in this and other industries to protect their interests. Join the Prosperity Club, PMA NOW, and get started.

    Who Can Benefit From The Hosting Rights Workshop?

    At this webinar, you will learn how laws are defined and how we structure our entities to operate under a legal exemption.

    We are NOT Lawyers!

    We are students of the US Constitution and all the beautiful constructs contained that set up our freedoms. 

    Your right to life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness is fundamental and irrevokable. Your right to free speech and the exercise there of is guaranteed, and your right to private assembly is paramount.

    We Are Hosts Too!

    Our Structure For Our PMA Defines EXACTLY What You Need As A STR Host.

    While not explicitly defined in the Constitution, the Supreme Court has acknowledged that certain implicit rights, such as association, privacy, and presumed innocence, share constitutional protection in common with explicit guarantees such as free speech. Specifically, the Supreme Court has described the right to associate as inseparable from the right to free speech.  Our PMA creates a structure that uses these rights and specifically allows your business to operate in full compliance with the law while exercising those rights.  

  • Review

    I didn't know I was able to stand up for my right to run my business.  

    After starting my PMA I was quickly able to structure my private membership which allowed my operations to be in compliance with local ordinances and restrictions while still being able to offer service. Who knew this was even possible?



    Keeping my information private and out of the public domain was everything.

    I discovered that having a PMA afforded us the ability to keep our records out of court. Law makers write laws that apply to the general public. The 4th Amendment secures my rights to no unreasonable searches or seizures, and a property structured PMA made that right that much more powerful.


    Ready To Learn How You Can Continue Operating Your Hosting Business Without Government Interference?

    At this FREE online workshop you'll find smart strategies to structure your entity into compliance while continuing to operate successfully!

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    We are not Lawyers, we are students of the US Constitution. Neither this site n'or it's creators, founders, advertisers, partners, and affiliates are rendering legal advice. The strategies contained within this site are the structure and processes used by us.